About the Client

We knew the immense potential for growth ADT Argentina had since our very first meeting. Already a world leader in safety and security, genuinely concerned with its clients' well being, the large local subdivision brought us the goal and the budget to scale their business up to the next levels.

How We Fulfilled Our Promise

Leveraging their already high investment online, we steered their campaigns towards a focus on positioning, lead acquisition and sales. We kicked off with quick-win actions that allowed us to gain higher amounts of leads with the same investment amount as before. We doubled numbers within days. We performed a comprehensive audit that included SEO, analytics (data collection and interpretation), call center practices, sales pitches and procedures, as well as online marketing campaign tactics. We then proposed and helped implement an improved 360 degree strategy.


We developed, designed and built a blog strategy. Upon implementation, we continued to offer content production and editing in the form of articles, infographics and photography selection.

Marketing Automation

We put together effective sequences and automated responses that push leads down the funnel smoothly, and provided strategies for better segmentation of data bases.

Inbound Marketing

We created buyer personas and generated landing pages, email marketing campaigns and ads that targeted these consumers.


We set up profile descriptions and branding guidelines, provided manuals for best practices and trained staff on optimal use of social platforms, with particular emphasis on lead acquisition within extensive vertical markets.

Casos de éxito Sandiamedia - ADT Argentina

Digital activation and engagement.

eCommerce consultant services.

Data gathering, tracking and reading.

Lead segmentation for targeting and positioning.


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