About the Client

Guzmán Accessories is a self-serve, one stop shop for all things 4x4, including equipment, accessories, and repairs. They carry a great variety of brands, large quantities of stock and a vast array of products for all sorts of automotive needs. When we first met, their website had a non-functioning e-commerce set up and their posts on social media had little impact on sales.

How We Solved Their Concerns

We began by auditing Guzmán's existing market. While building this report, we got the ecommerce site running on a sustainable manner, by assigning an eCommerce Manager with well-defined tasks and goals. We set him up for success with timelines, deadlines, and guidelines. We also established manuals for logistics, lead nurturing and customer service within the online store.


We put together an action plan for MercadoLibre -the South American equivalent to eBay- including SEO optimized publications, best practice guides for lead nurturing, as well as client service pre and post sale.
We coached the CEO on B2B strategies that leverage online platforms for finding new franchise clients.


We re-built the online look of Guzmán Accessories online to improve reputation, communication and fidelization strategies.


We built a blog dedicated to Guzmán’s clients’ interests and set up social platforms, Adword campaigns and optimized landing pages.


We automated billing processes and segmented communication channels to increase conversion rates y accelerate the buyer’s decision process.

Increased average purchase amount and ROI within months of contract.

Customized e-commerce with high traffic.

High visibility within niche.

Outstanding amount of views.


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