About the Client

Iké Assistance, is a service company, offering assistance of all sorts (insurance, legal help, medical aid, home services, pet care, etc) came to us with the challenge of bringing in new leads and augmenting conversion rates, while auditing existing practices to optimize investment strategies.

How We Reached Their Goals

We developed a strategy based on optimized landing pages. We segmented Iké's service offer and used specific keywords to build SEO optimized pages and trigger targeted campaigns that drove highly qualified traffic to the right product.


We built email campaigns that optimized ROI of existing digital assets and used A/B testing in combination with segmented databases to personalize the ideal mailing for each inbox.


Iké, like most service providers out there, needed to provide immediate replies to potential clients, in order to close a sale. The instantaneity of the online chat enabled staff to address user doubts in real time, doubling the conversion rate on the site.


We work on qualifying leads, which contributed to doubling conversion rates, turning visitors into leads. We then nurtured these until turning them into clients.


We improved organic search results associated with the brand, increasing influence over key words and positioning.

Casos de éxito Sandiamedia - Iké Asistencia

Smart content production.

Marketing automation.

Inbound marketing.

Brand advocacy.


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